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Pitti Uomo: In Search of Old Time Glamour

Pitti Uomo: In Search of Old Time Glamour

The revival of vintage styles 100% fits your image of Florence, a city which has been immersed in the glamour of Renaissance for several centuries; while it has never fallen behind the fashion trends though.

In the Pitti Uomo Fair which was held last week, I met so many fashionable people who seemed to come from the last century yet showing modern tinge at the same time. Their sophisticated and nostalgic styles seem to reach an agreement with every brick and very stone, every narrow alley in Florence: needless to say, classic style has no age.


2. The Turban
3. Fur
4. Cloak/Cape
5. Shoes
6. Socks
7. Brimmed hat

♣ Velvet

The velvet still made its presence everywhere. Velvet, as an expressive texture which is sleek, soft, with a slight shimmer can always give you an elegant appearance. While, this time, many intriguing designs, from prints to embroideries injected new energy to this “ancient element”. Velvet is also adopted in the design of sneakers, tracksuits, which can be considered as a clash between modernity and tradition, elegance and wickedness.

Velvet winter dress


♠ The Turban

Turban Fashion

The Turban came into style starting in 1936 and were consider the hat style of fashionable American women in 1940 according to Vogue.  At its simplest it was a  long piece of fabric knotted at the forehead and tucked back under to form a wide bow.

(woman with cat-eye glasses and velvet babushka On Pitti Uomo Fair)


♣ Fur 

Now Florence has fallen during the coldest month of the year, so… select a warm coat then.

What about fur?

You might say, “No, it sounds like what my grandma wears.”

Well, this year designers tried to “redefine” fur. Once again, fluffy fur coats continue to take over both Pitti Uomo and streets in Florence. The design is more for casual wear as designers re-imagine and add interesting elements to the traditional ones.

Oh, don’t forget to walk your dog when you’re wearing fur! In Florence, dog is the one of the coolest decoration in their total look!


♣ Cloak/Cape

When wearing a cloak, there is always an air of mystery surrounding you. Especially in Florence, a city filled with ancient, mysterious buildings, a cloak/cape can make you hidden in the dark night.

At the moment fashion trendsetters added creative elements to the traditional cloaks. The khaki cloak with asymmetrical cuts is easy to catch people’s attention.

From the tailored to the traditional, the Gothic to the bright, capes and cloaks are the thing to throw over your shoulders when the chill hits in the winter of Florence.


♣ Shoes 

Oxford shoes add a retro vibe.

See the total black shoes by Oscar de la Rennta or the coloured ones by Rodarte. The object of desire of all shoe-addicted (not just new vintage followers!).


♣ Socks

Diamond shaped socks and wine red velvet shoes reminded me of the clowns in Picasso’s paintings. Using these small vintage elements can help you add more fun to total look and avoid too dramatic style.


♣ Brimmed hat

There is nothing like a brimmed hat to finish off your outfit. The 1950s was a great time for men’s hats, since a variety of new shapes and colours were introduced in 1950s. Today, more bold colours are used for men’s brimmed hats to stay them cool.

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From clothes to accessories, many of them carry a sense of nostalgia. The rise of vintage can be related to change in consumer attitudes and values, the inclusion of vintage inspirations used in current designs by fashion designers and in trends marketed by the forecasting sector, eco-sustainability.

Don’t hesitate, create your vintage style now!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.